Mindy Spadacenta

Energy Healing, Pilates, Massage Therapy

Teacher & Massage Therapist

Growing up in a fairly tumultuous household, nature was the place that always gave me what I needed — a safe place to feel my body and ground myself so that I could connect back in to the world. I still find that to be true and my relationship with nature is woven into every session.

The most important thing I’ve learned in my own journey is that no one can actually heal a person except that person. As such, I consider myself more of a teacher of healing than a healer.

Mindy Spadacenta

My favourite places on earth are the wild waterways where the forest opens its arms and a silver curve of river folds the traveller into its embrace.

— Rory MacLean

My own journey

Life is a series of movements. We fall and rebound, we create and let go, we fall apart and come together over and over again. Being able to feel and understand where our bodies are in time and space brings grounding and healing to where ever we are in the journey.

In my work, I help others understand their bodies in relationship to the world around them, not just physically but energetically and spiritually as well.

My goal in energy healing, bodywork and Pilates is to provide a safe space where people can unveil who they most are and recognize what gets in the way of their most true form.

Who I am: Massage therapist, Pilates instructor, energy work practitioner.
What I do: Help you organize your energy and bring to light who you are at the core.
Website: Prana Stream
Author Profile: I am a regular contributor to Simply Be Well’s growing library of resources.

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