Kathy and Fran Slavich

Evolutionary Astrology, Yoga, Meditation

Personal and Collective Discovery

Our aspiration is to illuminate and encourage you to take the first of many steps on the Path of Being a Skillful Student. We’ve been an integral part of the Durham spiritual community since 2003, and are life long students, practitioners, and teachers of simple but profound transformational practices to Awaken and Manifest our highest potential; both individually and collectively.

Our goal is to cultivate and nurture excellent students, so that each of us can skillfully recognize and intimately engage with authentic teachers and practices that unlock our own unique transformation.

Kathy and Fran Slavich

Awareness is our fundamental nature.

— Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Meet Kathy

I am grateful for this precious life and the practices of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation. They have opened me to experience my body as it is and to recognize the goodness that is always right here. My life has been a journey of healing and transforming pain into love, joy, equanimity and compassion. I have enjoyed a daily practice for over 30 years and have been teaching for over 25 years.

I aim to share my love for the practice with students through both guided classes and guided self practice but hope that each student will find a daily self practice so they can fly.

Meet Fran

I simply love to practice. Self-discipline and consistency come relatively easily to me; and it’s a good thing, because my life would be chaotic and crazy without a daily dose of Body-Mind methods. I’ve spent over 3 decades practicing and teaching various forms; including Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Chi Kung, and Tai Chi), Yoga Asana (Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Krama, and my own sequences), Meditation (Indo-Tibetan, and nonsecular methods), Pranayama (Indo-Tibetan traditions), and Astrology (Western Tradition). I can’t imagine skillfully navigating this wondrous mystery of living without them.

I also cherish the opportunity to share what I learn with others because we’re all in this together.

Who we are: Aspiring yogi and life long student of life, love, healing, and wholeness.
What we do: Web design, brand and content marketing strategies for visionaries, creatives, professionals, and educators.
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