Ellen Donaldson

Biomagnetism, Restorative Coaching, Energy Healing

Starleaf Wellness

I’m Ellen Donaldson, an integrative practitioner, located just north of Boston, MA, offering remote sessions to clients with chronic illness using biomagnetism, restorative coaching and energy clearing therapies.

Using a comprehensive intake process, your body’s innate wisdom, and my expertise treating hundreds of clients holistically, we intentionally collaborate on your unique strategy for a full return to health, wellness and balance.

Ellen Donaldson

I resonate very deeply with this work. And while no modality is a panacea or magic silver bullet, I believe in its efficacy.

About Ellen

I have always enjoyed helping people, and they have often responded to my ability to listen well and be present with them. After contemplating many modalities in the healing arts but never fully resonating with one, I discovered the world of energy healing. I knew I had found the professional modality and framework that was right for me.

Various health issues in my family lead me to explore alternative, holistic forms of treatment. As I saw the effectiveness and appreciation for the whole being, I realized I wanted to incorporate these interests with energy healing and offer an integrated suite of modalities to those with chronic illness, and I opened Starleaf Wellness.

Who I am:  I am deeply interested in healing, exploring the energy body, an avid gardener, a mother.
What I do: Integrative, personalized approaches to cultivating wellness, balance and vitality.
Website: Starleaf Wellness
Author Profile: I am a regular contributor to Simply Be Well’s growing library of resources.

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