Deborah Donndelinger

EFT, Family Energetics, Human Design, Enneagram

EFT Practitioner

I help people navigate the depths of their emotional experiences as they heal both personal and collective trauma. I also help people understand their unique gifts and relationship to the world so they can be a positive force for good.

I’m an advanced accredited EFT practitioner, creator of Family Energetics, and certified in personality profiling. I also bring in the Enneagram, Human Design, and the Gene Keys.

Deborah Donndelinger

We are all one genetic tribe moving through a huge and transformative period in history, the end result of which will be the realisation of our unity.

Rudd, Richard. The Gene Keys, 59th Gene Key.

My transformation

My own transformation has come from making peace with my past, lots of tapping on various challenges, and most importantly, understanding the gift of my intuition and my energetic make-up.

I have a knack for finding the constrictions, the shadows, what’s hidden, while also seeing the path forward. There is always wisdom and compassion that arises once we face, heal, transcend, and include our experiences.

While I hope to be of service to many, my best work is done one-on-one and small groups as I can tune into their particular energetic needs.

Who I am: Intuitive guide for your transformation and healing, inner world systems thinker.
What I do: Help you heal, develop emotional resiliency, and understand yourself better.
Website: Deborah Donndelinger
Author Profile: I am a regular contributor to Simply Be Well’s growing library of resources.

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