Humans on a healing journey

A diverse group of practitioners committed to teaching, guiding, and serving.

The vision for Simply Be Well came to me — and resonates with those who’ve joined — not because of our great successes in life but because of our “failures”.

We’ve struggled with depression, illness, loneliness, loss, confusion, and despair. We’ve fought inner demons and lost. But yoga and other alternative healing modalities helped restore us to sanity, to well being, and to deep inner peace.  Our losses and failures are our greatest credentials and why we offer what we do in service to others.

Diverse in our modalities but similar in our love and commitment to making this world a little better.

Our Practitoners

Yael Reinhardt-Matsliah

Founder and Facilitator

Deborah Donndelinger

EFT, Family Energetics, Human Design

Erin Brighton

Erin Brighton

Gluten Free Living

Kathy and Fran

Kathy and Fran Slavick

Meditation, Evolutionary Astrology

Mindy Spadacenta

Massage Therapy, Energy Work, Pilates

Ellen Donaldson

Biomagnetism, Restorative Coaching, Energy Healing

Suzanne West

Akashic Wisdom

Satu Ferentz

Massage Therapy, Energy Work

Karla Pearlstein

Energy Work, Sound Relaxation

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Our Simple Be Well Facebook group is a supportive and growing community, where you will find support, friendship, and resources to help you navigate your own healing journey.