How to Tap

Tapping is a gentle, effective self-help tool that helps us feel better by balancing energy in the body.  The tapping procedure has four parts.

  1. Name it
  2. Set-up phrase
  3. Rounds
  4. Reassess

Name It

Specifically, gently name and describe the issue you are working on.  Rate the intensity from 0 to 10.

Set-Up Phrase

With the fingertips of one hand, tap on the side-of-the-hand points while saying “Even though I have this issue, I deeply and completely accept myself.”


Using your fingertips of one hand, tap on these specific eight points sequentially. Say a short reminder phrase for each point. 

Eyebrow | Side of the eye | Under the eye | Nose | Chin | Collarbone | Under the arm | Top of the head


Reassess your intensity.  Repeat the whole sequence as needed.

Photo by vahid asadi on Unsplash