Getting Acquainted with the Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records contain the energetic imprint of every being, human or otherwise, that has ever lived, throughout time. All of the information from each of your incarnations is contained in the Akashic Records, ready to be accessed to give you a broader, deeper perspective of your Soul’s journey. 

Each person has their own Akashic Record guides that operate as a collective to offer guidance, support, and wisdom. The Akashic Records are a wonderful resource, especially when a deep, broad, and loving perspective is needed. 

Can my Akashic Records be changed? 

Many people have the idea that your Akashic Records are fixed and cannot be changed. Nothing could be further from the truth! One of the most wonderful things about the Akashic Records is that they are always in motion, with a fluid and dynamic energy. Because your soul is always growing and changing, your Akashic Records also move gracefully in partnership with your soul’s evolution. 

The Akashic Records always support the essence of who you are in this moment, while allowing space for the shifting and releasing of old patterns so that you can evolve to an even more authentic experience of your life. 

What is an Akashic Records session like?

An Akashic Records session begins with the opening of your unique Akashic Records. Then you can ask your questions or inquire about a pattern or theme you need help with. It is not a passive process where information and “answers” are simply conveyed to you. Instead it is an active conversation and collaboration between you and your Akashic Record guides.

Your Akashic Record guides and I operate as a team on your behalf, sharing our combined wisdom to assist you on your journey of self-evolution. My role is to hold the space and the connection with your guides and act as a loving witness and facilitator of your process. 

How can an Akashic Records session help me?

There are many benefits of participating in an Akashic Records session. For example: you might experience an emotional release, let go of an old pattern, gain new insights, and feel supported and cherished. Often the session will bring a sense of greater well-being and acceptance of the truth of who you are in this moment.