Reside in your true nature

“Understanding without practice is better than practice without understanding. Understanding with practice is better than understanding without practice. Residing in your true nature is better than understanding or practice.” —  Upanishads

The Angel in the Stone

Many times during my asana practice, my body feels dense, heavy, and ungraceful. Today was one of those days. And as I was feeling all that denseness, I remembered Michelangelo’s quote: “I saw the angel in the stone and I carved to set it free.” I immediately felt better, as I realized the asana we … Read more

New Beginnings

I began this blog in the fall of 2010. I had almost completed my 200 Yoga Teacher Training in Austin, Texas and had started a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Tel Aviv University. I believe if you read through the initial blog posts, you will sense the dedication I have to yoga and the … Read more

Come As You Are

People who have yet to start a yoga practice may feel intimidated by what they perceive as yoga. This is probably because they equate yoga only with the physical, outward aspect of yoga — the asanas (postures).  And if yoga is only about being able to contort and twist your body into these difficult postures, … Read more

Being in the Body

Hatha—yoga situates you in the present moment, in the now, for the simple reason that it locates you in the body… and the body moves in the present, to be in the body is to be in the now… You cannot move a leg tomorrow or raise an arm yesterday… To go into and out of every posture with tremendous observation invites you to be here and in the now… To be conscious of this eternal union and harmony with the reality… because in going after the body you will touch the soul…

By Swami Ramakrishnananda

New Beginnings

I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification last week. This doesn’t make me a yoga teacher — only years of personal practice, dedication, and experience will do that — but it does represent my intention, my desire, and my commitment to the yogic path. I’m learning to celebrate the small things in life … Read more

Fight or Flight

Have you ever been overwhelmed with life, particularly when life confronts you with two seemingly impossible choices? Every decision, every choice, brings loss.  When we decide on one thing, it means we give up something else.  But usually the good in what we choose outweighs the bad of what we don’t choose.  Those choices require … Read more